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Invitation to ESG Seminar on the Latest Reporting and Assurance Trends




Date: Jul 20th 2021, 15:00 to 16:00

日期: Jul 20th 2021, 15:00 to 16:00

Dear members:

To help members have a better understanding of the latest expectations and requirements on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK and KPMG (UK) will jointly hold an ESG Seminar on Tuesday 20th July 2021. KPMG will share insights on the latest ESG reporting and assurance trends, including what will be required of you in the future and what Chinese business in the UK should do now to prepare. This seminar will help you to understand the requirements and expectations about ESG reporting and assurance, provide suggestions to help companies better respond to information disclosure requirements, improve strategic planning, so as to quickly adapt to new opportunities and challenges.

The seminar will focus on the following topic areas:

  • Growing impacts of and trends in ESG – What are the key elements in ESG? What does ESG mean to your business? Why do you need to embed ESG in your strategy? Who cares about ESG?
  • ESG reporting – Whilst there is huge divergence in the quality of ESG reporting in the UK, there are key trends emerging. We will discuss relevant trends and practice from the recent reporting season and highlight practical focus areas for the year ahead.
  • Key issues and considerations in ESG Assurance– We will discuss how to drive confidence in what is being reported and improve the quality and reliability of information included within disclosures for key stakeholders, along with investors, boards and regulators.

This seminar will be delivered mainly in English, with its main points summarised in Chinese at the end. We welcome local employees and customers of the members of the Chamber to participate. Details of this event are as follows:

Time and Access

Time: 15:00-16:00, July 20, 2021 (Tuesday)

Access: ZOOM access ID and passcode will be notified before the event

Event Agenda

15:00-15:02 Opening speech
Lin Wu Secretary-general, CCCUK
15:02-15:05 Welcome speech
David Sayer Vice Chair, KPMG UK
15:05-15:20 Growing impacts of and trends in ESG
George Richards Associate Partner, Head of ESG Reporting and Assurance
15:20-15:35 Mandatory requirement and trends
Helena Watson Director, KPMG Accounting Advisory Services
15:35-15:45 ESG Assurance – key issues and considerations
Sophie Bailey Senior Manager, KPMG ESG Reporting & Assurance
15:45-16:00 Q&A
George Richards Associate Partner, Head of ESG Reporting and Assurance

Event Registration and Questions

This event is free for members. Please click the link below to register. (If you cannot open it, please copy the link and open it in your browser. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email including the ZOOM Webinar access method):



If you have any questions, please fill them in the form in the registration link, or send them to the Chamber’s email address: info@chinachamber.org.uk.


Xiaofeng Lu (Leo)         Email:info@chinachamber.org.uk                     020 3192 5881



China Chamber of Commerce in the UK

13th July, 2021






  • ESG的影响和总体趋势 – ESG主要组成部分、ESG对企业意味着什么、为什么要将ESG纳入企业战略规划?
  • ESG合规趋势 – 讲座将讨论ESG的合规趋势和报告要求以及未来值得关注的领域。
  • 鉴证中的主要问题和关注点 – ESG信息披露的质量问题和可靠性一直以来备受关键利益相关者、投资者、董事会和监管机构的关注。本次讲座着重讨论如何增强外界对ESG报告内容的信心。






15:00-15:02 开场致辞
吴麟 英国中国商会秘书长
15:02-15:05 欢迎致辞
David Sayer 毕马威英国副主席
15:05-15:20 ESG的框架体系、影响及总体趋势
George Richards 毕马威英国合伙人,ESG报告和鉴证主管
15:20-15:35 ESG报告的合规要求及趋势
Helena Watson 毕马威英国会计咨询服务总监
15:35-15:45 ESG鉴证主要关注的问题及考虑因素
Sophie Bailey 毕马威英国ESG报告与鉴证高级经理
15:45-16:00 问答环节
George Richards 毕马威英国合伙人,ESG报告和鉴证主管


        本次讲座邀请会员单位免费参加,报名请点击下方链接(如无法打开,请复制链接到浏览器中打开。注册后将收到包含Zoom Webinar接入方式的确认邮件):




        芦潇枫(Leo)            邮箱:info@chinachamber.org.uk     020 3192 5881








George Richards

George Richards

Associate Partner, Head of ESG Reporting and Assurance,KPMG in the UK


George has a background in financial statement audit at KPMG covering a wide range of sectors including regulated power & utilities, oil & gas, retail and chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

George 拥有18年的财务报表审计经验,涉及的行业非常广泛,包括受监管的电力和公用事业、石油和天然气、零售、化工和制药领域。他目前领导毕马威在英国的非财务信息鉴证业务,包括根据ISAE 3000审验标准对公司披露的信息进行鉴证并出具报告。他主持开展ESG 鉴证业务,为许多由KPMG进行审计的富时100公司和非审计客户提供ESG鉴证服务。

Helena Watson

Helena Watson

Director, Accounting Advisory Services, KPMG in the UK


Helena has over 10 years of audit and advisory experience at KPMG in the UK, working across a broad range of sectors. She has recently established KPMG UK’s Corporate Reporting Advisory team bringing together financial reporting and ESG specialists to provide advice to clients on all aspects of UK corporate reporting.

Helena 在英国毕马威会计师事务所 (KPMG) 拥有超过 10 年的审计和咨询经验,工作范围广泛。她最近建立了毕马威英国的企业报告咨询团队,汇集了财务报告和 ESG 专家,就英国企业报告的各个方面向客户提供建议。

Sophie Bailey

Sophie Bailey

ESG Reporting & Assurance Senior Manager, CLR Assurance, KPMG in the UK


Sophie is an ESG Reporting and Assurance specialist. She works with organisations to report in line with best practice and respond to regulator and stakeholder demand through robust ESG disclosures and metrics.

Sophie 是 ESG 报告和鉴证专家。她与机构合作,对标最佳实践进行报告,并通过完善的 ESG 信息披露响应监管机构和利益相关者的要求。