Chairman’s Message



2021 marks the 20th Anniversary of the CCCUK. Over the past 20 years, the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK has grown rapidly, and our influence in the British society continues to increase. Serving as a bridge between the UK and China, CCCUK plays an important role in promoting trade and investment between the two countries. Representing and serving Chinese enterprises, we have committed to supporting the development of Chinese businesses, assisted in fulfilling social responsibilities.

We have undertaken a remarkable journey with our members. It has been a journey that has much benefited from the deepening of China’s Reform and Opening-up; it has been a journey marked by our members’ tireless embracing of internationalization, innovation and development; it has been a journey that has followed the path of the flourishing relationship between China and the UK in so many areas and ways; it has also been a journey that epitomized win-win cooperation between our two countries and our two peoples.

Both China and the UK are standing at new historical crossroads. China has embarked on a fresh journey for the “14th Five-Year Plan”, building a modern socialist country in all respects, while the UK is faced with its new mission of delivering Global Britain. These will create more opportunities for us to seek better collaboration.

Our two great countries have numerous shared interests and objectives, be it increased trade and investment flows, climate change and net zero targets, digital skills and workforce, or innovation and technology, education, and better economic opportunities in all regions of the two countries. Although there are some darker clouds hanging over the current political environment, the successful experiences of Chinese businesses developing in the UK shows the fact that only cooperation will bring prosperity and tangible benefits to both sides.

Being the storyteller of China’s reform and opening-up, CCCUK will continue to strengthen communications with local communities and promoted China-UK economic and trade cooperation. We will serve to enhance understanding and mutual trust between the Chinese and British business communities, boost confidence, promote collaboration, and herald a new wide-ranging chapter of win-win cooperation.

FANG Wenjian
Chairman, China Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK)
General Manager, Bank of China London Branch




Introduction of China Chamber of Commerce in the UK


China Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK) was founded in 2001 (previously known as the China Enterprises Association in Britain), mainly consists of Chinese enterprises in the UK and Chinese economic and trade organisations. The CCCUK is a non-profit organisation representing and serving interests of Chinese enterprises, aiming to promote China-UK economic and trade relations.

In September 2015, China Enterprises Association in Britain was re-named as the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK. The CCCUK aims to establish close relations with appropriate UK government departments, companies and business associations, to promote China-UK cooperation and assist the establishment and future growth of Chinese enterprises in the UK.

At present, our members include nearly 300 leading Chinese companies in the UK, covering dozens of sectors, including finance, insurance, telecommunications, energy products, technical manufacturing, real estate construction etc. The CCCUK has 27 Standing Committee member companies, and four committees including, Financial Committee, Trade Committee, Technology Committee and Supervisory & Management Committee.With support from the Chinese Embassy in the UK, the CCCUK has grown into an important force representing business interests of Chinese enterprises in the UK and conducting external exchanges as well.




        2021年是英国中国商会成立二十周年。20年来,英国中国商会快速成长,在英国社会的影响力不断提升。作为中英经贸文化桥梁,英国中国商会助力中英投资贸易往来,推动中英经贸合作,支持中资企业在英稳步发展, 引领中资企业践行责任担当。