Bank of China London Branch


Established on 4th November 1929, Bank of China London Branch was China’s first overseas financial institution and had set a historical milestone for Chinese banking industry’s international development. Over the past eighty-nine years, Bank of China has continued to expand steadily in the UK, earning an excellent reputation and becoming an important member of the City’s banking community. With nearly 600 employees and a total asset of over £45 billion, the Bank has already become the first choice for both Chinese ‘going-out’ customers and local UK customers seeking to establish relationships with China. In the future, Bank of China will continue to act as an active and influential member in the local community, as well as a golden bridge to promote the China-UK relations.

        中国银行伦敦分行成立于1929年,是中国现代银行业在海外设立的第一家分支机构。近90年来,伦敦分行稳步发展,营业网点覆盖英国主要城市,在爱尔兰都柏林亦设有分支机构。随着中英两国战略合作伙伴关系的加强,中国银行伦敦分行已经成为中国“走出去” 企业和个人以及英国本地客户与中国建立业务联系的首选银行。