China Telecom (Europe) Limited


A member of China Telecom Global Ltd (CTG), China Telecom Europe (CTE) is CTG’s business arm for the European region. CTE is committed to establishing a Digital Silk Road that links Europe to China. Leveraging its state-of-the-art Euro-Asia Network (ENS), which consists of 7 independent terrestrial cables and 4 independent submarine cables routing from Asia to Europe, as well as CTG’s extensive international infrastructures, CTE provides world-class integrated communication solutions and services to meet the ever growing international communication demands of multinational enterprises, carriers, telecom service providers and overseas Chinese consumers. CTE’s comprehensive portfolio of Voice, Data, IP & ICT solutions, backed by superior customer service, delivers industry-leading resilience, speed and diversity to meet the stringent requirements of partners and customers.
Introduction video

        中国电信(欧洲)有限公司(CTE)作为中国电信国际有限公司(CTG)的欧洲分支,致力于搭建和发展“欧亚信息丝绸之路”。利用由7条独立地面电缆和4条独立海底电缆(横跨亚欧大陆)以及CTG广泛的国际基础设施组成的最先进的欧亚网络(ENS),CTE为客户提供世界一流的综合通信解决方案和服务,以满足跨国企业、运营商、电信服务提供商和海外中国消费者日益增长的国际通信需求。 CTE全面的语音、数据、IP以及ICT解决方案组合凭借卓越的客户服务为后盾,推出了业界领先的弹性、速度和多样化的服务,以满足合作伙伴和客户的全方位需求。