AVIC International Holding Corporation Europe (UK) Office


China Aviation Technology International Holdings Co., Ltd. (“AVIC International” for short) is a global diversified holding company group, controlled by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. The business involves aviation, electronics, international business, modern service industry, etc. It owns 8 domestic and foreign listed companies, has established more than 150 overseas institutions in more than 60 countries, and has customers in more than 180 countries and regions.

With aviation business as its core, AVIC International focuses on the global aviation industry chain and business ecology, focusing on the development of aviation supply chain services, aviation manufacturing services and operational services. Business covers international aviation technology cooperation, aviation logistics, raw materials and aviation standard parts supply chain integration services, subcontract production and aviation parts manufacturing, aviation manufacturing equipment procurement and integration services, general aviation engine manufacturing and services, civil aircraft sales and after-sales services, General aviation and flight training, aviation maintenance, bidding and other fields. 

Adhering to the mission of “beyond commerce and creating a better world”, we actively participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road”, give full play to the functions of global networks and platforms, and carry out project planning, general contracting, channel services and operational services around China’s manufacturing and production capacity going overseas. Focus on key industries, carry out export of mechanical and electrical products, overseas engineering general contracting, project general contracting and services focusing on aviation facilities, public and civil buildings, energy and power, cement equipment, transportation facilities, petrochemicals, vocational education, and mobile hospitals.

The local market has formed a brand effect and actively promoted regional economic development. To With more than 30 years of development experience, AVIC International has implanted the corporate genes of innovation, entrepreneurship, marketization and internationalization. A number of well-known brands such as Tianma, Tianhong, Fiyta, Shennan Circuit, AVIC Property, and Grand Skylight have grown under its umbrella. It has established industry-leading competitive advantages in related fields, and is constantly promoting the transformation and upgrading of product technology and business models, taking on the important task of shaping national brands as a leader, and is committed to letting Chinese brands go to the world. Visit the website.



        秉持“超越商业 共创美好世界”的使命,积极参与“一带一路”建设,发挥全球网络和平台功能,围绕中国制造和产能走向海外开展项目策划、总包、渠道服务和运营服务。聚焦重点行业,开展以航空设施、公共民用建筑、能源电力、水泥装备、交通设施、石化、职业教育和移动医院为重点的机电产品出口、海外工程总包、项目总包和服务等业务,在当地市场已形成品牌效应,积极带动区域经济发展。