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China Daily Europe was established in 2010 in London. With two major publications, China Daily Global Daily and China Daily Global Weekly editions, and digital platforms. It aims to deliver a unique balance of news and analysis on China and Europe in English for readers in the UK and Europe.

Both China Daily Global Daily and Weekly provide unique content and perspective and explain how big stories affect China, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, attracting a number of international, high-net-worth readers across the continent who have strong professional connections in the UK, Europe and China.

The China Daily website, social media platforms and video streaming channels are followed by millions of people from all over the world, every day. The platforms provide news reports and high-quality videos featuring news, economic & business news, and coverage of culture, lifestyles and sport.

中国日报欧洲分社(英国公司)于2010年在伦敦成立, 现承担《中国日报国际版》日报及《中国日报国际版》周刊两份刊物在英国及欧洲地区的印刷、发行,并结合多种数字平台同步运营。旨在为英国以及欧洲的读者提供独到的观点以及高质量的新闻分析,在重大事件发生时,阐释其对中国乃至全球的影响。中国日报集团旗下的网站、社交媒体、移动客户端、视频等新媒体平台, 每天吸引数千万的全球读者。