China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co., Ltd.


China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd is a subsidiary of China Taiping Group, formerly known as China Insurance Company (UK) Limited, commenced underwriting business on 1 October 1985, it is a member of the ABI. With over 30 years of underwriting experience in the UK and Continental Europe, Taiping UK has successfully created a networking platform for agents, brokers and other professionals. Its adherence to the philosophy of ‘diligent management, sincere service’ has enabled the company to offer excellent insurance services to local communities, businesses and Chinese enterprises in the UK. At the same time, Taiping UK regularly engages in and supports local Chinese cultural events and actively promotes UK-China cultural exchanges. At the forefront of China Taiping’s strategic centre in Europe, Taiping UK is an important overseas subsidiary and receives strong capital support from China Taiping Insurance Group.

The mission of China Taiping is to contribute towards building a peaceful and prosperous society, through continuously working with local businesses, communities and strengthening the bilateral relationship between the UK and China.