Minmetals (UK) Limited


Minmetals (UK) Limited, Registered in England No. 1899182, was established in March of 1985, is a subsidiary of China Minmetals Corporation group. Minmetals (UK) Limited is now based upon UK and Europe, international oriented to global non-ferrous Market, focused on base metals such as copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, tin, nickel, and metal concentrates, doing both physical trading and hedging business. Meanwhile, Minmetals (UK) Limited has its own commercial and residential real estate business. Minmetals (UK) Limited has a long term history of cooperation with financial institutions in London Market, especially with commercial banks and future brokers.

        英国金属矿产有限公司隶属中国五矿集团公司,成立于1985年3月(Register No.1899182)。目前公司经营管理主要立足英国和欧洲,面向全球有色金属商品市场,以铜、铝、铅锌、锡镍等基本金属及其矿产品为主,开展实物商品的进出口贸易和相关的金属期货套期保值业务。英国五矿兼营部分自有商业和住宅物业租赁业务。英国五矿与伦敦市场的金融机构, 包括银行和期货经纪商等有广泛深入的合作。