Sinochem International Oil (London) Co., Ltd.


Sinochem International Oil (London) Co., Ltd. is a member company of Sinochem Group in China. Funded by Sinochem Hong Kong Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Sinochem Group, was established in London on April 27, 1997. The function of Sinochem Europe is to supervise, inspect, service and investigate the subsidiaries and offices set up by Sinochem Group in Europe. Sinochem Europe represents and promotes Sinochem in the UK’s business.

There are three subsidiaries of Sinochem Group in the UK (Not funded by Sinochem Europe) which are: Sinochem (UK) Ltd., Sinochem UK Resources Ltd., and Emerald Energy Ltd.

The group’s principal activities in the UK are exploration and production of Hydrocarbons in Colombia, trading of petroleum products and acting as an agent in the sale of fertilizer to China.