Shanghai Pudong Development Bank London Branch


SPD Bank London Branch obtained our UK banking license on the 18th of December 2017,making it the first European branch of SPD Bank and the first branch outside of Asia, marking a key milestone in SPD Bank’s internationalisation strategy.

With a profitable balance sheet SPD Bank’s approach to business is to develop in a prudent and safe way with compliance and risk control as the top priority.London Branch currently focuses on corporate banking business, financial markets and financial institution business. As SPD Bank’s first branch outside of Asia, the establishment of London Branch is an important part of SPD Bank’s international development, allowing the bank to meet its core customer’s needs in the European markets and timezones while also attracting new customers to the group and expanding the SPD Bank brand in Europe. SPD Bank London Branch considers cultural diversity to be a key part of our success, with staff from over 10 different countries we pay close attention to local working practices and customs allowing us to continue building an excellent diversified cross-cultural team. 

London branch has a strong and experienced leadership which supports the branch as we continue to build up our good reputation locally.

As the China–UK Golden Era continues to prosper, SPD Bank London Branch would like to contribute to the economic development of China and UK, especially between Shanghai and London, in partnership with all of you.


        凭借可盈利的资产负债表,SPD银行的业务方法是以审慎和安全的方式发展,以合规性和风险控制为重中之重。伦敦分行目前专注于公司银行业务,金融市场和金融机构业务。作为SPD银行在亚洲以外的第一家分行,伦敦分行的成立是SPD银行国际发展的重要组成部分,这使该银行能够满足其在欧洲市场和时区的核心客户需求,同时也吸引了新客户加入该集团并扩大了业务范围。 SPD Bank在欧洲的品牌。 SPD银行伦敦分行认为文化多样性是我们成功的关键部分,来自10多个国家的员工密切关注当地的工作习惯和风俗习惯,使我们能够继续建立一支优秀的多元文化团队。

        伦敦分行拥有强大而经验丰富的领导层,在我们继续在当地建立良好声誉的过程中为分支机构提供支持。 随着中英黄金时代的继续繁荣,浦发银行伦敦分行愿与大家合作,为中国和英国的经济发展,特别是上海和伦敦之间的经济发展做出贡献。